What Consequences If ignoring IV&V?

Real-case scenario.. If IV&V were not involved!!

The government was tendering an IT Project to one IT company for developing a complex online system which objective is to transform all their manual daily working activities to a system-based. This project should be completed by 2 years time. The system coverage is quite huge as it involves 12 different sectors or deparments, which means 12 big modules are required and from this 12 modules there are a total of 600 process or features are required. The IT contract like this normally worth RM35 Millions.

The IV&V company was not involved in this project cycle because in the IT contract document, it didn't mention the need of IV&V company's involvement in this project. Guess what happen after the subsequent years?

Year 1: User Requirement Gathering Process (URS) is very challenging. The development company failed to come up with a good SRS document until now. User didn't agree on the proposed solution and requested to change the system flow now. Time and effort were wasted.

Solution: If IV&V company was involved in early phase earlier, all the SRS document standards will have been defined early and will be reviewed and finally signed-off by IV&V company. All the SRS doc must have reviews and inspection meeting.

Year 1.3: Development company failed to acquire all the requirements because of lack user participation. Only half of the user participate in User Requirement phase.

Solution: If IV&V company was involved earlier, the IV&V will assist the user and guide them to participate. If this issue has became critical, IV&V will raise and highlight this issue to the Software Testing Board and also to higher level government agencies.

Year 1.8: All requirement finally managed to be captured and signed-off. Software Coding has started, but along the way about 50% of the signed-off SRS document need to be changed as User wanted the changes. Developers got tension, a few of them resigned, as such the IT company were hiring new developers which they need to catch up all the domain knowledge and to understand the code written by the resigned developers. User and IT company keep blaming each other for the late change request. The project has slipped-off!

Solution: This are the consequences if the IV&V were not involved in a IT Project. IV&V must get involved since the project kick-off. IV&V will be able to guide the Project Manager and everybody to follow and adapt a suitable SDLC process , IV&V will also guide user to review the SRS document should the planned solution is really workable. IV&V will use their experience in handling all the above mentioned issues.

Year 4: Project has gone LIVE but with a lot major defects (escaped defects). Security and Performance were also the serious issues. This project was slipped away from schedule for an additional 2 years!! Even after 4 years, the quality of the software was at the stake!!

Solution: IV&V involvement is very important in all software development activities. The internal testing team (same team as developer) sometimes have less experienced and they were influenced by the developers to follow the developer's decision! There are also some companies out there which still see Testing is just an additional cost but at the end of the day, they had paid double or even more due to serious quality issues. Don't set a high hope on your developers for doing the full testing, why? Because developer and tester (QA) mindset are completely different!!

Bugs.. If you don't kill them.. They'll kill you!

A project without Regression Test is a Nightmare!!

A new patch will have 15%-30% chance to introduce new bugs or defects!