Why IV&V are a must?

Why IV&V are a must in Software Development?

  • The degree of independence avoids author bias and is often more effective at finding defects and failures.
  • IV&V company is a certified company which follows the international Test Standards (ISO).
  • Internal Testing Team will be influenced by Developer, meanwhile the IV&V Company will influence the entire team to follow the Test Standards & Test Process.
  • Internal Testing Team might be forced to follow Developer. Less creativity and Testing Standards difficult to apply.
  • IV&V company is usually consist of experienced and certified Tester plus they are equipped with Test Automation techniques and skills.
  • The higher level of Independence (which means Test and Dev are from two (2) different company), then User will have higher Confidence Level on the quality to be delivered.
  • Cost of hiring IV&V company can be less than setting up internal Testing team, like hiring more staff and buying expensive testing tools.
  • IV&V company is more focused to achieve the milestones according to the Test Standards & Test Process.
  • IV&V company is really care about the Quality, otherwise it will affect their next Testing Jobs!