Test Automation Solution

Test Automation to Improve Efficieny & Accuracy

Test Automation Solution is the briliant choice...

Automated Software Testing Saves Time and Money...

Test Automation is also for Regression Testing!

A project without Regression Test is a Nightmare!!

A new patch will have 15%-30% chance to introduce new bugs or defects!

Why Should we implement the Test Automation?

  • Fast & Faster. Testing Time is Reduced & Increase Efficiency. No longer need to setup the configuration part manually.
  • Increase Test Coverage. More test can be run compared to Manual test. Exhausted Test is possible with Test Automation.
  • Avoid defects which may arise after some new patches or release, with an Automated Regression Testing.
  • Gain high confidence level from the shareholders about the condition of the existing system.
  • Reusability of Automated Test Scripts. The existing can be reuse for other test cases. Save a lot of time.
  • Early Detection of Defects. Test Result is fast and the log file is captured to highlight the detail of the error.
  • Continious Regression Testing, and it can run everyday 24/7.
  • Deal with recent Technology changes.. deal with multiple browser, various OS and web technologies efficiently.
  • Save human cost in long term.
  • A lot of small medium to big organization are now start to embark on this Test Automation solution with lower cost.. As such we are delighted to inform you that ROBOT Framework is FREE and the most widely used Automation Framework nowadays.. Rather than paying the license cost, maintenance & support cost.. then it is more worthwhile to spend on the talented resources....

Our Solution to your Test Automation!!

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